Small Operators that own or operate a facility in North Carolina must join by October 1, 2016

Greensboro, NC (June 29, 2016) – North Carolina 811 wants to remind small operators that own or operate facilities within North Carolina that they must join no later than October 1, 2016 as required by the Underground Utility Safety and Damage Prevention Act.

G.S. 87-120 (b) phased required membership over several years. Operators with more than 50,000 customers or 1,000 miles of facilities join date was October 1, 2014. Operators with more than 25,000 customers and 500 miles of facilities join date was October 1, 2015. The final phase requires all Operators that do not meet one of the criteria to join no later than October 1, 2016.

G.S. 87-121 (k) – An Operator who does not become a member of the Notification Center as required by G.S. 87-120(b) may not recover for damages to a facility caused by an excavator who has complied with the provisions of this article and has exercised reasonable care in the performance of the excavation or demolition.

To learn more about the law, visit To become a member, visit This link also has a list of NC811 Membership frequently asked questions. Any questions may be directed to Lesley Brouillard – Member Services Manager at