Designers and Surveyors often need to know the location of underground facilities. If you aren’t planning to dig but still need to “know what’s below” there are a few steps you need to take before getting started.

First, you need to request a Design/Survey ticket from North Carolina 811.

The request process for design is similar to submitting a location request for digging.  Design/Survey tickets are created by companies or individuals responsible for the design of underground facilities or those who require a general description and location of existing underground facilities in an area.  A ticket can be requested through North Carolina 811, Inc. by dialing 8-1-1 or 1-800-632-4949. If you are trained in using North Carolina 811’s Remote Ticket Entry system you can also submit your Design/Survey tickets online at

Since there will be no digging and, therefore, no risk to the underground utilities; the member utilities or their contract locators have 10 full working days to respond to the request, instead of the usual three full working days.

So far this year, utility members have responded to 5,101 Design/Survey ticket requests.  Just as you would for any normal locate request, be sure to check the NC 811 Positive Response for your ticket before you begin work. You can check Positive Response by calling 1-877-632-5050, go online to or by using the North Carolina 811 app. The member facility owner will respond to the Design/Survey request with one of the positive response codes below:

  • 92 SURVEY DESIGN REQUEST ‐ No Facilities in the Area
  • 94 SURVEY DESIGN REQUEST ‐ Facility Records Provided
  • 98 SURVEY DESIGN REQUEST ‐ Access to Facility Records Provided
  • 100 Location request denied due to Homeland Security Concern.  Member utility operators need to confirm legitimacy of the proposed excavation and may need additional information.”

North Carolina 811 would like to commend the NC Society of Surveyors for making the commitment to safe digging by becoming a Safe Digging Partner.  Being a partner identifies you and your company as a leader in underground damage prevention. The safe digging process is a shared responsibility between North Carolina 811, utilities, locators and excavators.  To learn more about becoming a Safe Digging Partner visit: and for more information about Design/Survey tickets go to