Greensboro, NC (September 1, 2017) Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer (H2GO) has been chosen as the NC811 Safe Digging Partner for September 2017 due to its ongoing commitment to safety, damage prevention and spreading the “Call Before You Dig” message to the public.

Many safe digging partners have made the commitment to call 811 prior to any excavation, but few go above and beyond with making safety their #1 priority.  H2GO has shown their commitment to keeping their community and employees safe.  They participate in the monthly Lower Cape Fear (New Hanover, Brunswick & Pender) Utility Coordinating Committee meetings along with sharing vital information about the NC811 safe digging message on their web site and with their customers.  “This is truly the type of Safe Digging Partner NC811 is looking for:  The commitment to keeping the community safe while excavating and providing a vital utility service to their customers,” said NC811’s Education Department Manager, Ann Rushing.

Howard Corey, Education Liaison with NC811 acknowledged H2GO’s commitment to damage prevention at their Leland, NC office on Thursday, August 17, 2017, presenting a Safe Digging Partner award certificate to Tyler Wittkofsky, Public Information Officer. “H2GO is humbled to receive the NC811 Safe Digging Partner Award. Our entire staff and Board understand the importance of safe digging on the job and safety is our number one commitment. From participating in our local UCC meetings and encouraging our fellow utilities to participate, to promoting the message and mission of NC811 on Social Media and in our monthly newsletter, we strive to go above and beyond in helping to get the word out about the importance of calling 811. The safety of our employees and viability of our infrastructure rely on safe digging practices,” said Tyler Wittkofsky.

Every six minutes an underground utility line is damaged because someone decided to dig without calling 811 first.  Find out more about becoming a Safe Digging Partner.

About NC811
Since 1978, North Carolina 811 has provided a fast and easy communications link with local utility providers. The public provides NC811 information about excavation, NC811 transmits the information to utilities and they send out locators to mark underground lines for free. Call 811 or 1-800-632-4949 three working days before you plan on digging.

About Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer (H2GO) Leland, NC
The Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer began servicing their first customers in 1987 and began with approximately 350 customers. Over the past twenty years, the District has grown to have a customer base of about 10,000.  The Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer began with the purpose of promoting the health and welfare of the people here in the North Brunswick area, and it is still our primary purpose. The Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer’s employees are dedicated to providing our customers with the best all around service as possible and we are pleased to serve the district of North Brunswick.

Media Contact:
Howard Corey
(336) 317-5999