July 16, 2019

If you are an iPhone user you may have noticed recently that Near Ticket isn’t working on some newer iPhone models. When you click get tickets you will see a blank white screen. This is being caused by a Location Services setting in Safari, the iPhone’s default web browser. When you click the Near Ticket icon in the NC811 App you are taken outside of the app to your phones default web browser, Safari. This issue came about during the latest update to the iPhone Operating System. Below are the steps to resolve the problem.

Step one: Open Settings and navigate to Privacy


Step two: Open Location Services and first make sure it is toggled to the on position.

Step three: Under Location Services scroll down to Safari Websites.


Step four: Under “Allow Location” Access make sure that “While Using the App” is selected. After you make this change Near Ticket will function properly.IMG_2283.jpg


Written by: Steven Moore – NC811 Media Relations Specialist
email: smoore@nc811.org